geekSessions 1.2: Designing Beyond the Database

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The latest geekSessions event info is here, and it’s going to be better than ever! Join us on Tuesday, October 2 at the City Club in SF for a great panel discussion, catered reception, and open bar.

For this session, we’re diving into database design—both from the perspective of traditional best practices as well as new technologies and techniques on accelerating the performance and increasing the availability and integrity of data in high-demand environments.

We’ll tackle a broad range of data related issues such as when to normalize versus de-normalize, when to use an RDBMS versus an alternative, pros and cons of various platforms, and pros and cons of building more sophisticated data management into the application layer.

Event Info

What: geekSessions 1.2: Designing Beyond the Database
When: Tuesday, October 2nd, 6:00pm-9:00pm

6:00pm – Registration, open bar, and appetizers
6:30pm – Panel discussion and Q&A (bar closed)
8:00pm – Open Bar, dinner, and networking

Where: The City Club of SF, Google Map: 155 Sansome, 10th Floor

How: A limited number of tickets are now open to the public! Get them while they last.

Transportation: Parking can be a bit tricky in the financial district at this time, so it’s highly recommended you take public transportation. If you must drive, your best bet may be to park in the parking structure for the Metreon over on 4th and Mission and walk to the event.

3 hours isn’t enough, you say? Ticketholders will be emailed details of the geekSessions after-party!

Submit a Question for the Panel

Got something you’re itching to ask? Use our form to submit a question for the panel. Selected questions will be asked by the moderator.

About the Panelists

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Lead, Sun Microsystems
Josh Berkus is primarily known as one of the Core Team of the world-spanning, open source database project, PostgreSQL. He has been involved with various open source projects since 1998—including, LedgerSMB, Bricolage, and OpenBRR. He currently sits on the board of Software in the Public Interest, Inc. Sun Microsystems employs Josh in its Database Technology Group as the strategic lead for Sun’s PostgreSQL for Solaris product offering.
Arnold Goldberg
Senior Director of Systems Engineering, eBay
Originally involved in the conversion of the site to Java, Arnold’s group is now involved in many parts of the site’s infrastructure. These areas include eBay’s Appserver usage, Presentation Technologies being used, Data Access Layer frameworks, Build and Release Systems, Application Frameworks, and many other aspects of running the site and developing eBay’s Java-based products. He’s been at eBay for more then 6 years.
Paul Querna
Senior Software Engineer, Bloglines
Paul Querna is employed as a Senior Software Engineer at Bloglines, where he works on the Bloglines distributed file system, custom BerkeleyDB based databases, and other backend systems. He is involved with many open source projects and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation. When he can find spare time, he likes to hack on the Apache HTTP Server and the Apache Portable Runtime projects.
Chad Walters
Search Architect and Director of Search Engineering, Powerset
Chad Walters is the Search Architect and Director of Search Engineering for Powerset, where he focuses on taking Powerset’s natural language search technology to web-scale. Before joining Powerset, Mr. Walters served as Websearch Architect for Yahoo!. In this role, he provided technical leadership spanning the Websearch organization with an emphasis on runtime query serving infrastructure. Mr. Walters also has expertise in online storage, virtual machines, and virtual memory. Prior to Yahoo!, Mr. Walters held leadership positions at Technologies and Connectix Corporation. He holds a B.S. in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University.


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