geekSessions 1.3: PHP Scalability, Performance, and the Future

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It’s a new year and that means more geekSessions! Join us on Tuesday, January 15 at the City Club in SF for an exciting event covering PHP scalability, prerformance, and the future. We are going to have a great panel discussion, catered reception, and an open bar.

Event Info

What: geekSessions 1.3: PHP Scalability, Performance, and the Future
When: Tuesday, January 15th, 6:00pm-9:00pm

6:00pm – Registration, open bar, and appetizers
6:30pm – Panel discussion and Q&A (bar closed)
8:00pm – Open Bar, dinner, and networking

Where: The City Club of SF, Google Map: 155 Sansome, 10th Floor

How: A limited number of tickets are now open to the public! Get them while they last.

Transportation: Parking can be a bit tricky in the financial district at this time, so it’s highly recommended you take public transportation. If you must drive, your best bet may be to park in the parking structure for the Metreon over on 4th and Mission and walk to the event.

Submit a Question for the Panel

Got something you’re itching to ask? Use our form to submit a question for the panel. Selected questions will be asked by the moderator, Terry Chay, Software Architect at Tagged.

We’re excited about Macworld and we’re even more excited about tonight’s event. It’s another sold out geekSessions and we can’t wait to see what our speakers have to present.

Didn’t get a ticket in time? No problem! We’re broadcasting it to you live with help from our friends over at The event starts at 6pm PST and the speakers go on at 6:30pm PST. Their presentation slides are posted below so you can follow along at home too. Thanks for looking and be sure to sign up for our mailing list to find out about the next event!

Speaker Presentations

Cal Henderson (pending)
Director of Engineering, Flickr

Lucas Nealan (PDF)
Lead Engineer, Facebook

Sara Golemon (PPT)
Senior Engineer, Yahoo! Inc.

Andrei Zmievski (PDF)
Chief Architect, Outspark

About the Panelists

Sara Golemon
Sr. Engineer, Yahoo! Inc.
Sara Golemon is an engineer for Yahoo! Web Search and part-time OSS code-monkey. She’s a PHP runtime and Zend engine developer who literally wrote the book on “Extending and Embedding PHP”. Sara’s been featured several times on podcasts such as php|architect’s Pro::PHP, and the Zend developer zone PHP-Abstract. As a hobbyist in the field of cyrptography, she’s the originator behind the libssh2 C library and several PHP focused extensions centered around symmetric, asymmetric, and message digest algorithms.
Cal Henderson
Director of Engineering, Flickr
Originally from London, England, Cal Henderson currently works at Yahoo! Inc, as the Director of Engineering for Flickr, in San Francisco, California. He’s been working on Flickr from the day it started development (on his laptop) to the present day. In 2006, he wrote the book Building Scalable Websites for O’Reilly Media. Before Flickr, he was the technical director of Special Web Projects at emap, a UK media company. By night he works for a whole slew of web sites and communitites, including the creative community B3TA and his personal site, iamcal. (Photo by Scott Beale)
Lucas Nealan
Lead Engineer, Facebook
Lucas is a web developer with over 10 years experience. He has worked with PHP since 2000 and is currently a Lead Engineer at, one of the largest PHP infrastructures in the world. Lucas has been working at Facebook for the last two and a half years on PHP performance and scalability.
Andrei Zmievski
Chief Architect, Outspark Inc.
Andrei Zmievski is Chief Architect at Outspark Inc, where he is working on a technology platform for building an online playground with free video games and engaging communities. In the past he had worked on internal tools at Yahoo! Inc., specializing in i18n and infrastructure software, such as PHP and Apache. He is also a core PHP developer, leader of the PHP-GTK project, and a co-author of “PHP Developer’s Cookbook” and Smarty templating system. His current focus is the native Unicode support in PHP.


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