geekSessions 1.3: Live Broadcasting Tonight!

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What a crazy day for the geekSessions team! We’re excited about Macworld and we’re even more excited about tonight’s event. It’s another sold out geekSessions and we can’t wait to see what our speakers have to present.

Didn’t get a ticket in time? No problem! We’re broadcasting it to you live with help from our friends over at The event starts at 6pm PST and the speakers go on at 6:30pm PST. Their presentation slides are posted below so you can follow along at home too. Thanks for looking and be sure to sign up for our mailing list to find out about the next event!

Speaker Presentations

Cal Henderson (PDF)
Director of Engineering, Flickr

Lucas Nealan (PDF)
Lead Engineer, Facebook

Sara Golemon (PPT)
Senior Engineer, Yahoo! Inc.

Andrei Zmievski (PDF)
Chief Architect, Outspark

* For full speaker bios, check out the original event posting.


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