Two new Sessions coming up!

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Good news everyone! geekSessions is back from a brief break with 2 new sessions in the works. The next two sessions will be on Mobile Tech and Web Analytics, though not necessarily in that order. We’re excited about both events and we’re rounding up our usual group of great speakers as I write this. The next Session will be on 9/30 followed by an event in early November. So save the date!

Speakers for both events are looking great. For Mobile we’ll be having a little iPhone, a little non-iPhone, a little hacking, and maybe even a dash of Andriod with Raj Singh, VP of BizDev at SkyFire moderating. For Web Analytics, we’re bringing in June Dershewitz, Founder of Web Analytics Wednesday as a moderator to help us wrangle an all star cast.

<strong>Call For Speakers</strong>

<img src=”; alt=”Call For Speakers”>

If you’d like to speak or recommend a speaker for either event, contact Shon at geekSessions ASAP as we’re locking down speaker slots in the next week or two.


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