geekSessions 2.0: The Art and Science of UI – Feb. 22nd

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geekSessions 2.0

For the next Session, we’re bringing together a great group of people to discuss the ever evolving world of UI development. We have retro game emulators written in HTML 5, Flash interpreters written in Javascript, new tools like Unity, Mobile platforms, Multi-touch, and more. The field has never been more compelling or more complex.

Thanks to geekSessions alumnus Jonathan Abrams, we’re teaming up with Founders Den to host the this event.

Also thanks to our friends at Terrabit Systems who will be giving away a shiny new iPad at the event! Best door prize evar!!!

Event Info

What: geekSessions 2.0: The Art and Science of UI
When: Tuesday, February 22nd, 6:30pm-10:30pm

6:30pm – Registration, Networking, Beer
7:30pm – Panel discussion and Q&A (bar closed)
9:00pm – More beer, more networking

Where: Founders Den, Google Map: 665 3rd St, San Francisco

How: A limited number of tickets are now open to the public! Get them while they last.

About the Speakers

Chris Smoak
Developer, Smokescreen

Chris made people Apple iOS users cheer in 2010 when he released the open source “Smokescreen” beta. Smokescreen automatically converts Flash (SWF) to Javascript/HTML5. Chris will give us the rundown on Smokescreen from a technical perspective and talk about it’s Flash to HTML5 magic!

Martin Kool
HTML5 Stunt Coordinator, Q42

Founder of Quplo. Wrote Digital inventor. Technologist. Geek. Retro gamer. Father of 3. Husband of 1.

Martin created which is an HTML5 based retro game emulator and multiplayer social experience. enables anyone with an HTML5 capable device to play classic Sierra games like Space Quest (awesome on iPad) and Leisure Suit Larry. It also enables users to play these games in a multiplayer mode and interact with others in the game world.

David Kaneda
Creative Director, Sencha

David Kaneda leads the Sencha design team. He has over eight years of experience designing in a variety of fields, from architecture and fashion to education and software. Recently, David created Outpost, an iPhone app for Basecamp, and jQTouch, a Javascript framework for iPhone development. David also maintains WebKitBits, a site about the browser engine in Safari, Google Chrome, and the iPhone. David brings his wealth of design knowledge to Sencha, and is responsible for the look and feel of our websites and software.

Jeffery Kalmikoff
VP Product, SimpleGeo

Jeffrey spent nearly seven years as Chief Creative Officer of, focused on overall creative direction, design and product development/strategy. During his time there, they built the company from a profitable side-project into a multi-million dollar brand with an active, thriving online-community of over a million tee shirt and design enthusiasts. After Threadless, Jeffrey spent some time as Digg’s Director of Design, and is now working to make it less complicated for developers to add location features to their web and mobile applications as VP of Product at SimpleGeo.

Chelsea Howe
Director of Design, Social Chocolate

Chelsea Howe is currently Director of Design at Social Chocolate. Previously, she worked at Zynga as a Designer on FarmVille. Prior to her social gaming experience, she co-founded Proper Walrus to develop quirky, experimental indie games like Tipoli. She also worked at ActionXL designing and producing motion PC and mobile games, and at Cornell University as a game design instructor for the outreach portion of an NSF-funded research grant.

If you’re doing something great in the UI space and want to share, get in touch with us!


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