geekSessions 2.2: Network and Infrastructure Scalability

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geekSessions 2.2: Network & Infrastructure Scalability

In our last event we looked at the changing world of Data Scalability. For our 2.2 event we’re bringing in the experts to dive into the complex topics of Network & Infrastructure Scalability. In this Session we’ll look at the architecture of Web-scale infrastructures and investigate issues like Buy vs. Build, Cloud Technologies, Storage, and System Scalability. We’ll also give special attention to the State Of The Network in 2011 with issues like IPv4 exhaustion, more speed, more threats and the compromises between Performance, Reliability, Accessibility, Security and Cost to name a few.

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Event Details

What: geekSessions 2.2: Network & Infrastructure Scalability
Tuesday, July 26th, 6:00pm-10:30pm

  • 6:00pm – Registration and networking W/ free beer!
  • 7:00pm – Speakers and Q&A
  • 8:30pm – Networking and giveaways (more free beer)

Where: Madrone Studios Google Map: 1417 15th San Francisco, CA 94103
A limited number of tickets are now open to the public! Get them while they last.

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About The Speakers


Cliff Moon
Co-Founder, Boundary

Cliff Moon is co-founder at Boundary where he uses both Scala and Erlang to build the most advanced network analysis platform in the world.  In a previous life, Cliff wrote Dynomite, one of the first open source dynamo clones.  He is a well regarded member of both the NoSQL and the Erlang communities, as well as a frequent organizer of Bay Area drinkups.

Mike Christian
Senior Director, Infrastructure Resiliency, Yahoo!

Mike has spent the last 8 years building highly available systems for Yahoo!, from global replication of petabyte data sets, to massively distributed CDN and traffic routing mechanisms dispersed to points throughout the world.  Prior to that, he spent 9 years building interactive television systems at Oracle and Thirdspace, wrestling bus sized parallel supercomputing systems and building fast lightweight DVR client applications.  He particularly enjoys solving unsolvable problems.

Allan Leinwand
Chief Technology Officer, Infrastructure Engineering, Zynga

Allan is currently Chief Technology Officer of Infrastructure Engineering at Zynga. In this role Allan is responsible for all aspects of technology infrastructure used in the delivery of Zynga’s social games including data centers, networking, compute, storage, content distribution and cloud computing.

Gleb Budman
CEO, Backblaze

Gleb co-founded Backblaze, an online backup service that provides unlimited storage for $5/month. The Backblaze team designed and open-sourced cloud storage hardware and built a 15+ petabyte cloud storage system without raising funding. Gleb has shared the process and how others can develop their own petabyte cloud storage. Previously, Gleb fought spam, worked to make search smarter, and built robots for nuclear facilities.

 Call For Speakers

If you are interested in speaking at this event contact us at or @geeksessions

geekSessions 2.2
is sponsored by:

A10 NetworksA new generation Advanced Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and server load balancer, offering the industry’s best price/performance.

Juniper NetworksHigh Performance network infrastructure.

Force10 Networks

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