geekSessions is a high-end technical / networking event that brings recognized experts together to speak on a new topic each Session. As you might guess from the name, our topics are technical in nature. We cover a wide range of topics and attract an audience of technologists, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who hungers for food, drinks, and knowledge.

Produced by

Courtney Picture

Courtney Burton

– Event Producer, Sessions Events Inc. After co-producing several geekSessions events since 2010, Courtney stepped up to take the leading role in Sessions Events, Inc. in 2013. Courtney is focusing full time on expanding the geekSessions event series to include several topical conferences including MLconf and HIREconf, in addition to the traditional geekSessions panel-style mixers. Courtney holds a BA in Economics from Sonoma State University and has en extensive background in event production and technical recruiting.


Shon Burton

– Shon Burton founded geekSessions in 2007, and produced dozens of panel discussion meetups for the San Francisco tech scene. Shon went on to enlist the help of Courtney Burton and entered the world of full-day conferences, including MLconf and The GraphLab Conference. Shon has stepped down from daily operations in geekSessions and currently serves as an advisor to geekSessions.


geekSessions was created in 2007 by Shon Burton and Christian Perry. Christian moved on to other ventures including SNAP Summit and RFOP. Courtney Burton joined the geekSessions team in 2010. Courtney now runs geekSessions with help from Shon Burton.

geekSessions Advisors

To make geekSessions a success, we draw on the insight and expertise of some of Silicon Valley’s foremost luminaries. In other words, our advisors rock.

Josh Wills, Director of Data Science at Cloudera
Danny Bickson, Co-Founder at GraphLab
Ted Willke, Senior Principal Engineer and Director at Intel
Ted Dunning, Chief Application Architect at Map R
Shon Burton, Founder and Advisor of geekSessions

Past Speakers

In addition to our advisors, we regularly engage with our past speakers to help shape future topics and the overall direction of geekSessions. Past speakers include:

Corinna Cortes Animashree Anandkumar Carlos Guestrin Andrei Zmeivski
Ted Willke Xiangrui Meng Joe Hellerstein Arnold Goldberg
Yael Elmatad Xavier Amatriain Mark Oskin Bryan Cantrill
Edo Liberty Jake Mannix Christopher Re Cal Henderson
Shan Shan Huang Joseph Gonzalez S V N Vishwanathan Chad Walters
Pek Lum Scott Triglia Michael Mahoney Ian McFarland
Chang Wang Josh Patterson Avery Ching Jason A. Hoffman
Todd Merrill Lukas Biewald Vahab Mirrokni Jeremy LaTrasse
Josh Wills Quoc Le Derek Murray Jonathan Abrams
Caludia Perlich Eric Battenberg Pankaj Gupta Josh Berkus
Samantha Kleinberg Eric Bieschke Aapo Kyrola Lucas Nealan
Justin Basilico Abhijit Bose Lei Tang Nick Heyman
Erik Bernharddsson Ameet Talwalker Molham Aref Paul Querna
Irene Lang Matei Zaharia Ralf Hebrich Ron Gorodetzky
Anqi Fu Michael Mahoney Steven Hillion Sandy Jen
Sara Golemon Ewa Dominowska Evan Estola Amy Langville
Elizabeth Elhassani Parikshit Ram Sri Ambati Sandy Ryza
Bryan Thompson Tao Ye Xia Zhu Jacob Mundt
Manos Antonakakis Danai Koutra Hassan Chafi Dan Mallinger

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