Data Science Summit & Dato Conference

The first annual Data Science Summit & Dato Conference is being held this July in San Francisco. We have a lot of great speakers attending. Please be sure to register and join us at this new groundbreaking event. Geeksessions is proud to be a part of the Dato team this summer, and we cannot wait to see you there. Please use the link below to register! We have a special MLConf discount provided for you.

If you would like to know more about specific speakers, workshops, and the event in general, click here.

Speakers for this event will include:
Prof. Carlos Guestrin
Prof. Jeff Heer
Wes McKinney
Dr. Leo Meyerovich
Prof. Lise Getoor
Prof. Chris Re
Prof. Jure Leskovec
Prof. Rob Tibshirani
Dr. Jan Neumann
Prof. Alex Smola
Dr. Hassan Chafi
Dr. Misha Bilenko
Joe Parry
Paul Dix
Dr. John Mount
Dr. Tao Ye
Rob Harper
Prof. Yair Amir
Emil Eifrem
Ronald (Ron) E. Kasabian
Anthony Goldbloom
Dr. Kira Radinsky
Alec Radford
Dr. Ira Cohen
Prof. Mike Jordan
Dr. Shai Fine
Joe Reisinger
Prof. Mike Franklin
Dr. Eric Berlow
Dr. Andy Twigg
Dr. Soundararajan (Soundar) Srinivasan
Prof. Eyal Amir
Amanda Casari
Alan Krumholz
Alex Korbonits
Debora Donato
Dr. Guillermo Rangel
Dr. Cirrus Shakeri
Dr. David Talby
Kyle Napierkowski
Shobeir Fakhraei
Ranjit Desai

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