Ted Willke

Ted Willke MLconf

Ted Willke, Senior Principal Engineer and Director, Datacenter Software Division, Intel

Bio: Ted Willke is the Director of Architecture & Technology for the Datacenter Software Division (DSD) at Intel Corporation. As the division’s “chief technology officer,” Ted is responsible for driving innovation into its big data, cloud computing, and HPC software products. Ted joined DSD this year after transforming his Intel Labs research on large-scale machine learning and data mining systems into a commercial operation. Prior to joining Intel Labs in 2010, Ted spent 12 years developing server I/O technologies and standards within Intel’s other product organizations. He holds a Doctorate in electrical engineering from Columbia University, where he graduated with Distinction.  He has authored over 25 papers in book chapters, journals, and conferences, and he holds 10 patents.  He won the MASCOTS Best Paper Award in 2013 for his work on Hadoop MapReduce performance modeling and an Intel Achievement Award this year for his work on graph processing systems.

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